Nursery teachers training is affiliated to AIECCE (All India Early childhood care and education) an ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED and IAO, (International Accreditation Organization, Houston, USA) Accredited institute promoted by Sanford Wings International preschool and Daycare Bangalore, India. All the classes will be taken online. Please see the attachment for more details about marks and certificate.

Sanford Wings NTT Program helped me to build my career as a nursery teacher

NTT - Nursery Teachers Training

If you are passionate about teaching, we will help you to build your career a a nursery/pre-school teacher

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    1. Child Psychology and child care and health

    2. Sociology and Guidance

    3. School organization

    4. Principles of education

    5. Educational psychology

    6. Modern methods of teaching

    7. Methods of teaching topics



    1. Lesson Plan and teaching

    2. Art and craft

    3. Art file and other file

    4. Preparation of teaching aids (eg- Rhymes, Action song, story etc..)

    5. VIVA (Oral Exam)

    6. Internal Assessment

    NTT Course is:

    · Certified by AIECCE (All India Early Childhood Care & Education).

    · Accredited to Government of India.

    · Job Assistance. (Only in India)

    · Training by Certified Professionals.

    · Basic Education required is 10th Standard Pass. (or any relevant certificate from your own country)

    · How to start Home School for your own child


    Main Objectives of NTT:

    1. Work in Play School or Primary School

    2. Start your own play school

    3. Franchisee any Indian school

    4. Learn how to handle your own child better.