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Sanford Wings Indiranagar, was founded to achieve a goal to spread knowledge in this environment where there is a belief that all childrens should be moulded in their capacity and become a independent learner before they being their competition with the core education of formal schools.

Sanford Wings Indiranagar believes that childhood of every tiny one is imporant and precisius,where the childhood is to be enjoyed and cherished over the period of time. The first five years of every child isdelicate,where incredible learning vital mental and cognitive growth occcurs. In these years of life the child has an outstanding ability to flourish and excel in things at a amazing pace. Our programs are tailoredto brighten every child’s social, physical, and aesthetics skills. We develop age appropriate educational activity for child’s all round develeopment.

Our Philosophy

Sanford Wings believes in philosophy that enables every childs potential through his/her individual learning and time.

Based Plans. We recognize the different learning styles,abilities and interests of each child. A strong team of mentors and support staff help create a HAPPY environment where children are eager to learn.

Courses Offered by Sanford Wings:

  • Play Group- Nursery School
  • Preschool
  • Montessori
  • Kindergarten
  • Kg 1- Kg 2 / LKG /UKG
  • Day Care
  • After School Activity
  • Karate
  • Yoga

Our Team

Our teachers will be the first formal trainer of your child’s life as they play avital role in shaping the habits, manners, character and over-all development of the child.

About Sanford Wings!

Looking for the good preschool in Indiranagar to nurture your child’s early development? Look no ahead! Sanford Wings in Indiranagar offers an enriching environment designed to foster your child’sgrowth and put together them for destiny achievement.

At Sanford Wings, we recognize that the early years are crucial for a kid’s ordinary development. Our packages pass past conventional getting to know; we focus on holistic improvement, nurturing young minds to grow to be assured, creative, and lifetime beginners.

As a thoughtful parent, you intention to offer your toddler with the excellent possibilities from the start. That’s why selecting a preschool like Sanford Wings subjects. Our curriculum is customized to encourage interest, crucial wondering, and social capabilities, setting a strong basis in your child’s academic journey.

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