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The Best Play School in Indiranagar

Play School in Indiranagar

At Sanford Wings in IndranagarPlay School, We consider that all children’s young years are filled with amazing exploration, discovery, and development. Our play school is a safe place where children begin a thrilling journey of fun and learning.


At the center of our playschool is a dedicated team who strive to provide an enjoyable comfortable, safe, and stimulating environment that promotes imagination, curiosity and confidence. Our programs have been carefully specifically designed to meet the individual needs of every child, helping them to develop their full development and having fun throughout the process.

Our Approach for Play School

  • Play-Based Learning
  • Nurturing Curiosity
  • Social Skills Building

Facilities and Environment

Our Play Schoolis equipped with the appropriate facilities for your child, ensuring the safety of your child and a stimulating environment which encourages learning and development. Bright classrooms, specially designed play areas, as well as an array of educational materials make the ideal environment to encourage your child’s growth and exploration.

Parental Involvement

We believe that the involvement of parents is crucial in a child’s education. We encourage a close partnership with parents, and ensure an open dialogue and cooperation to aid each child’s learning and growth.

Join us for Play School

If you’re looking for a caring and stimulating environment in which your child is able to thrive and flourish, we encourage you to be part of our lively community at the Play School. Join us and become part of a school where fun, smiles and learning are a part of the same!

Make an appointment today to experience the fun and excitement of our play school on your own. We are eager for you to visit us! Contact us.


Frequently asked questions!

Sanford Wings and play schools differ primarily in structure and focus. Play schools prioritize play-based learning, fostering social skills, creativity, and emotional development in younger children. They offer a more relaxed environment with emphasis on exploration and imaginative play. Conversely, traditional schools follow a structured curriculum, aiming to impart formal education to children of varying age groups, emphasizing subjects like maths, science, and language. Sanford Wings bridges these approaches, blending structured learning with play-based methods for a holistic educational experience.

The ideal age for play school at Sanford Wings begins at 18 months, marking an opportune time for children to start their educational journey. At this stage, toddlers begin to develop crucial social, cognitive, and motor skills through interactive learning experiences. By entering the program at 18 months, children benefit from a nurturing environment that supports their holistic growth, laying a strong foundation for their educational and personal development.

A play school, such as Sanford Wings, presents a nurturing environment for younger children to explore, research, and develop critical talents through play-primarily based activities. Focused on early child schooling, these institutions create a foundation for social interaction, cognitive growth, and emotional well-being. With a curriculum designed to stimulate creativity and interest, play schools offer a supportive putting wherein children can embark on their educational journey in a laugh and attractive manner.

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