The Best Montessori in Indiranagar

Montessori in Indiranagar

At Sanford Montessori, we take pride in being recognized as the best play school in Indiranagar, where we nurture young minds and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Our innovative programs cater to the developmental needs of children at various stages, ensuring a holistic and engaging educational experience. Contact us.

Why Sanford Wings, for Montessori in Bangalore?

  1. Personalized Learning: Customized for each child.
  2. Experienced Teachers: Dedicated and skilled
  3. Well-equipped Classrooms
  4. Convenient Location: Easily reachable in Indiranagar.
  5. Transparent Communication: Regular updates on progress.
  6. Interactive and playful classrooms.
  7. Well-Equipped Facilities
  8. Spacious Play Areas and Outdoor spaces for activities.
  9. Art and Creativity Studios
  10. Cafeteria Services nutritious meals in a clean environment.
  11. Health and Safety Measures
  12. Transportation Services Safe and reliable transport options.

Daycare Program

Our daycare program is like a second home for your little ones while you’re at work. We have experienced caregivers who create a warm and secure environment, ensuring your child feels happy and safe throughout the day.

Playgroup Program

Our playgroup program is all about introducing the joy of learning through play. We blend fun and educational activities to stimulate your child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development, setting the stage for their educational journey.

Nursery Program

Our nursery program steps in with a more structured curriculum as children grow. Our dedicated educators create a supportive atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore, communicate, and express themselves confidently.

KG 1 and KG 2 Programs

Our KG programs are tailored to prepare children for primary education. We focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills while nurturing creativity and critical thinking. Our approach aligns with Montessori principles, providing a holistic educational experience.

Each program at Sanford Montessori is made with care to fit the different needs of kids of different ages. We don’t just teach – we want every child to enjoy learning. When you sign up with us, you’re not just joining a school; you’re starting a fun and educational journey together!


Frequently asked questions!

The Montessori curriculum is an educational method that emphasizes self-directed mastering and hands-on activities. It focuses on fostering independence, creativity, and critical thinking in children. Unlike traditional teaching strategies, Montessori encourages exploration via mainly designed substances, permitting children to study at their very own pace and pursue their interests. It encompasses numerous subjects, which include language, maths, science, and sensible lifestyles skills, nurturing a holistic improvement that aligns with Sanford Wings’ for services such as karate, yoga, dance, art & craft, and tuition packages.

Montessori caters to children aged 2.5 to 3 years, a pivotal stage for exploration and improvement. This technique emphasizes self-directed learning knowledge in an environment that encourages curiosity and independence. Children interact in hands-on sports, social, emotional, and cognitive growth while nurturing their natural habits. The method recognizes the uniqueness of every child, supporting holistic increase through functional, individualized learning experiences.

At Sanford Wings, we pride ourselves on offering a holistic Montessori education that nurtures individual growth and curiosity. Our dedicated educators create stimulating surroundings wherein children increase independence, crucial thinking, and a love for learning. With a focus on customized learning experience and a well-rounded curriculum, we foster a supportive community that encourages exploration and creativity. Join us to witness your child’s natural abilities flourish in a nurturing and empowering setting at Sanford Wings.

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