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21st-century skills” insist on the necessity for schools to place more emphasis on what are referred to as “soft” abilities and character qualities like creative thinking and curiosity as well as the cognitive capabilities of critical thinking, problem solving and the acquisition of fundamental subject knowledge, as well as strong beginning literacy skills and numeracy. Early learning should be centered on the whole child’s development rather than only school education. Our programs provide your child with the top preschools in the indiranagar, Bangalore.

A Day in Sanford Wings Preschools

  1. Arrival Activities
  2. Circle Time
  3. Snack Time
  4. Outdoor Play / UOI
  5. Language
  6. Arithmetic
  7. EPL/Sensorial / Art /Craft
  8. Yoga / Dance / Music / Mind Gym

The preschools program we offer was created using the Montessori approach and the best practices that is a personalized educational method founded on the findings of scientists about children from the time of birth to.

Our methodologies and standards are well-known and appreciated over the years. Sanford Wings preschools program enhances a child’s natural curiosity and creates an environment that is carefully designed that encourages all-round development. Our program promotes learning on their own creativity, as well as the highest values.

Our curriculum has been thoroughly researched and designed by highly experienced early education professionals. Our approach to teaching and curriculum aids the child’s overall development through a variety of areas of learning. We recognize that each child is unique and learns in different ways. Our framework is designed to support individualized education and development in accordance with the interests, requirements, and capabilities of children.

Sanford Wings is a top preschools in Bangalore due to its high-quality methods, methodology, ratio of children to teachers a unique curriculum, and the importance of hygiene, safety and health. Sanford Wins also has been acknowledged multiple times by different organizations as being among one of the “Top Ten Preschools & Daycare in Indiranagar, Bangalore”. Contact us.

Our Comprehensive Preschools Programs

  1. Playgroup Age: Starting 18 months
  2. Nursey age: 3-4 years
  3. Junior kg: 4-5 years
  4. Senior kg: 5-6 years

Sanford Wings the best Preschools

  1. Environment, basic facilities and safety
  2. Ratio between teacher and child
  3. Teaching methods
  4. Credentials and competences of teachers.
  5. Time for Social Learning and Play
  6. Interactive and stimulating interaction with children.


Frequently asked questions!

Sanford Wings, recognised among the various top 10 preschool and daycare centres in Indiranagar, embodies the concept of preschool by means of imparting a nurturing surroundings for early childhood improvement. Focused on promoting cognitive, social, and emotional abilities, Sanford Wings combines structured mastering with play-primarily based activities. Our dedicated team ensures a secure and stimulating area in which young minds can explore, analyse, and grow, laying the inspiration for a life-time of curiosity and success

Sanford Wings Indiranagar, is awarded top 10 preschool & daycare centres in indiranagar as it acknowledges the critical position of preschool education. Preschool lays the inspiration for a kid’s cognitive, social, and emotional development, fostering important abilities like communication, teamwork, and problem-fixing. It affords a structured environment in which kids research through play, nurturing curiosity and preparing them for formal training. Quality preschools, like Sanford Wings in Indiranagar, provide a secure, stimulating space that fosters early learning vital for a child’s holistic growth.

Discover excellence in early child education and care at Sanford Wings, an award-winning preschool and daycare nestled in Indiranagar. Recognized among the top 10 preschools and daycare centers within the place, we offer a nurturing environment, experienced educators, tailored curriculum, and state-of-the-art centers. Our dedication to fostering holistic development, creativity, and a love for studying sets us apart. Entrust your child’s foundational years to us and witness them leap with self belief and pleasure at Sanford Wings.

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